Wishes from Belle to Bena

A happy valentine's day to u my bena dear...

Thanks for your love which bring us alot of hapiness...
of coz i m loving u always too..

Thank you for delivered meal...
Thank you for accompany me in every single thing
Thank you for understand me...
Thank you for not being jealous o angry when i chatted to another guys...
Thank you for believing me that i love u dear...

I will be your side every days
If tat is a period for my love to u...i thk it is forever...

My forever lover...happy valentine's day
It is our 1st valentine...
Be my valentine...my love...

There is always something missing in me.
Something wrong with me seriously.
Search me.

Im sorry to myself before i dare to sorry to others.
I hate myself, sometimes very much.

Recently i went a lil insane.. watched 8 movies in cinema in Dec 2009.
Its 2010 now, more to come.

TGV @ Jusco Cheras Selatan

Ninja Assassin
TGV @ Jusco Cheras Selatan

Twilight : New Moon
TGV @ Sunway Pyramid
Love Happens
GSC @ IOI Puchong Mall

Storm Warriors II
TGV @ Sunway Pyramid

GSC @ Times Square

The Treasure Hunter
TGV @ Sunway Pyramid

Sherlock Holmes
GSC @ Alamanda Putrajaya

Dear oh dear...Baby here wishes u Happy BirthdaY...

Hapi bufday to u
hapi bufday to u
hapi bufday to DAddY
hapi bufday from BabY...


If you want to make something done so much, sacrifice is a must with efforts putting into it.
In order to make somebody feel good, he/she must be happy to be around you.
Its all that matters.

i failed to do so

but i'll change
just have faith in me
things will get better

4th December 2009 is the date i will remember for the rest of my life as what i gain from her was more than anything else.
Here, i wanted to apologize yet i have to thank you also for what you have done.
Im grateful.

4/12/09 3.49am, my tears joined me for the night.
I never regret dropping my tears for you and will continue doing so as it was worth for.

Its first day for school.
2nd sem of degree started.

lazy to blog
nothing to blog
blur :c

Letter for YOU

I will think of you when i need somebody.
I will miss you when you are not around.
I am willing to do things for you.
I even want to spend my time to be with you.
I dreamt about you.

I missed the time we were together.
I missed the time we watched movie.
I missed the time we study together.
I missed the time we chat.
I missed the time we sms.

I hope that you will always text me.
I would read your messages at least twice before i deleted them.
I still keep some messages that you sent me before.

I didn't text you for sometimes because i was waiting for yours.
I won't repeat those words, things that you don't like.
I always ask you to have fun and enjoy when you were with your friends.
But deep inside my heart, i just wish i could be one of them.
I say I think of you, miss you, love you but sometimes you didn't treat it real.
I didn't take much action and was lazy on you because i know you still haven't give up on him.
I know I would hardly to be somebody in your heart.
Thats why i treasure every moments involving you and me.
I would try to remember everything between us.
I won't simply forget our memories as memories are much more better than anything else.
I always treat you as my own gf and will continue doing it.

I never say you.
I never force you.
I never scold you.
Because i have no rights to do so.
Even if i do so, its for your own good.
I love you, my baby.


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